Eternity is the result of going Beyond Infinity.
It is the promise of happiness through the clutches of time.



Have you ever found yourself truly blessed, where you can’t contain your excitement and joy for all the good that happens around you?

Is it Luck, or Fate, or what is this which makes miracles happen wherever you go? The blissful emotions you are surrounded with as you see and are enlightened to the world around you, noticing the beauty and the life, full of energy and vigor.

Was life like this before? Was life always so beautiful? Or am I blessed?

The truth is, everyone is blessed in their own way. The biggest way one can feel it, is just by opening their eyes to the world around them. Life is truly beautiful. The love, the care, the emotions and passion, the spirit of harmony and unity, holding everyone close, it warms your heart.

People often say that things that happen ill are blessings in disguise. How fate and the strings of this world are being controlled, and pulled. Well, how so true it is I feel. If nothing else, the blessing may be a new perspective of how one can see problems, how solutions and happiness may be derived from them!

The biggest lie people utter is that they are not blessed, that they are overlooked, and can’t be, with a life not as positive or proper as they wish for it to be. But as to be said, every life is blessed. Will what you wish and want to happen, and it will. Blessings are miracles you attract with what you wish and what you see.

So open your eyes to notice, that Life is Beautiful. And see the miracles that happen to you with every passing day.


Wandering the cold space

All alone and abandoned

You come across a mystery

Which may lead to a new discovery.

Deep in the Abyss you find

The remains of an ancient ancestral abode

You call out to the world

Ask for a friend or foe to share this with.

As the universe responds,

Amazingly, in awe you stand,

From the ruins, one by one

Come out a whole village.

A village of secret guardians

Who protect

Protect those in the Abyss.

26 Words

A for Apple

B for Bureaucracy

C for Corpus Callosum

The world is filled with powerful and numerous words which give wonderful and lovely meanings.

Throughout the English dictionary, one may find words that entice you, motivate you, or even scare you.

For the next 26 posts, I will write about random words in sequential order of the alphabet.

Hopefully I can manage to make those who read them feel a wide range of emotions.


I am Ready

With my feet in my socks

And my socks in my shoes

I am ready to walk

Walk through whatever path I must.

With my glasses on

My sight perfected

I am ready to see

See the reality I must face.

With the strength in my body

The wisdom in my mind

I am ready to live

Live a life that will make me happy.

Haunted Memories

How do you forgive yourself for the past?

When you look back at the past, through all the mistakes you have made, all the lies you have uttered, all to save yourself in the moment, but in the long run, destroying your future bit by bit.

How do you forgive yourself?

With all the memories of the past, rushing towards you, words others have stated against you, realizing now that it was the truth, while you lived in a lie you had created. Why would you forgive yourself?

Though everyone has forgotten about you, what you have done, your existence itself, how can one cope to the pain of the memories?

Unable to forgive yourself, unable to let go, wallowing in your own sorrows, is there even a path to follow? To escape the torment of your own mind?

Just wanting to let everything go, and forget about it completely, but your mind itself forces those thoughts upon you. Why? Pain. It’s just torment.

All you want is peace and happiness, but it slips through your fingers, every time you almost grasp it, just because of the past creeping up again to prevent you.

How does one survive? To get over and live through, to show yourself that you have matured, to accept mistakes and forever forget about them.

Each person has his own demons. They haunt and torture. Why add to others pain? Why can’t we just be nice to everyone and spread love?

Well, all we can do is survive. Take each moment at a time, each day at a time. Work on your goals and dreams and have a passion which you look forward to and towards each minute. Divert your mind and let those demons haunt each other. Never give them time to ever again inflict their torment on you.

Remember, you are a beautiful human being with a bright and healthy future, and to move forward, you don’t have time to look back.

It’s not wrong to ask for help when you need it too. Reach out to loved ones, talk to those who can help you, motivate yourself and be productive. Life always gets better.