The Arrow of Light,
Strung from the Bow of Hope,
Illuminating all that is Dark,
Through the hearts of the wicked,
The minds of the soulless,
The world becomes bright.
A trickle of hope, as the Arrow flies,
Turns into a stream, for all those who need.
Soaring through the air, with no resistance,
It brings peace to the land of Chaos.
A story to be told, just like any other,
For the Arrow too, did not last,
As darkness eternally wins.
With the coming of a new day,
A power of peace to be reborn,
For none can live, without the brightest of light.

Forever Your’s,

Point of Life

What is the point of life?
One may ask,
While another gives his answer.
Live to be happy.
What is the point of happiness?
Asked again,
To which, deep thoughts started.
Scary thoughts, through depths never seen,
For happiness isn’t usually questioned.
The feeling of positive emotions,
Joy stands on top.
While we all enjoy it, why do we?
To go after happiness, to crave and seek it,
To know where it truly resides,
But never truly be able to acquire it.
Joy, positivity and more.
So what is the true purpose of life?

Forever Your’s

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At the points of time in which we feel our lowest, some wallow in their sorrow, while others wish for joy and to be happy.
Joy is the state of mind which feels GOOD, so I like to assume that we all prefer the latter.
To make it simple, joy is a state of mind. Choose to alter your thoughts.

Take a random piece of paper or something to write with and start listing out all of the things that make you happy. Put yourself in the position where you can imagine it enough to be happy.
A picture of a cat’s fluffy paws
Swimming and soaring through the water, like a jet.
Adorable puppies tackling and cuddling you.
Fill yourself with the thoughts, imagine and write in detail what you see and feel.
Turn on a bit of upbeat music and feel the positivity fill your mind!
Cat paws.jpg

If you worry about something, keep telling yourself the best scenario that can play out or happen! Assuming the best always.
Write every single detail down, convince yourself the best and only the best will happen.

Simple, quick and quiet mind reorientation, which you will reap many benefits from. You need not even write if you can at least relax and focus your mind and imagine good things.
Your mind is all you are equipped with, why not give it the joy it deserves?


I’m the dark of the night
Not a soul to stir
All alone, within,
The deepest parts of your mind
You feel, you think.
Lonely, no warmth in your heart,
No love in your life or reason to be,
Your secrets creep out
Thinking about your worst, your best,
Your mind doesn’t sleep
Hour after hour, you cannot rest,
Until your head has nothing left.
Loneliness, running like blood in your veins
You sit, crying.
Crying your eyes out,
wondering what went wrong.
The bright days, filled with laughter
The joy seen in others faces
Because of the jokes you had cracked.
All gone, how time changed things,
Until you decide,
To start living again.
Go out, find friends, see and feel joy
and live the life you were meant to lead.
Never give in, never give up.
The good will always prevail.

Forever Yours,

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Black thoughts cloud your mind,
You are in despair.
Powerless against what happens,
Thinking only of the worst
With no hope for the best.
Fatigued, lost to this world
All you can think about
Is giving up.
To give in to your worst nightmares,
Live within what is killing you,
All while despair consumes you.

Forever Yours,

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A world like no other,
Paradise is before you.
The infernal rage in life
Gone and replaced,
By the calm of the deep blue sea.
The world, grew stronger.
From chaos came a new start
For paradise to surface.
Palm trees, blue skies,
Bonfires and fluffed up beds,
You live with joy.
With the break of day
You awaken.
To realize it was just a dream.

Forever Yours,


Fear, consuming you.
Wave after wave,
You cannot move.
Paralyzed, lost in your own mind,
Fear burns within you.
Choking up, the fire in your throat,
Life flashes before you.
Heart beating as fast as light,
You cannot move, nor think, nor speak.
As your fear controls you,
Compels you to be more afraid,
Choose to stand up.
Force it into submission and you will win.
The battles rage on in your mind.
To fear, is to fight with all your power,
Till you have nothing left to fight.
All you accept now, is joy.

Forever Yours,


A representation of choices
Buttons control our world.
The green one, to start something good,
Or the red, to do the opposite.
Yet, in life,
Sometimes, thrown at you,
Are two red or two green buttons.
So which is the brighter?
The lesser of two evils?
The greater of two goods?
Choices all around, think twice before you choose,
For your life may as well depend on it!

Forever Yours,

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