Breathe in the air 

And learn to relax. 

Calm your mind, your body and soul, 

And let the peace fill your heart. 

Release your thoughts, 

Live in the present. 

For the past only brings pain

And the future only worry. 

Calm, feel the serenity around, 

The blissful pure radiant energy 

Overwhelming and intoxicating you,

As it spreads like a drug through your body. 

Inner peace, something within only you, 

A source of energy, ultimate and infinite

You will be set free. 

Take a deep breath, and it’s the first step

Soothe your aching muscles, especially your heart, 

And accept your gift, of being you. 


The greatest gift for man,
To follow your gut feeling,
Your intuition.
The pang in your heart,
when you know something is wrong
The punch in your stomach,
Feeling something is off,
The simplest thing to do
Solve what goes wrong
And act upon it.
When your mind feels,
Your life leads you back to the path.
The true route to your own success.
Self perfection, where you feel your worth.
It will never fail, never falter.
Trust within it, for it is you,
And all that will happen is good.

Forever Your’s,


Oh what a day
A blissful wonderful time
From dawn till dusk
A smile on my face.
For I know,
It is my last.
Enjoy the final day
Be free and feel the love
Let yourself go,
Your worries your sorrows,
For this day is the last.
Love the day like no other,
Until, you awaken tomorrow.
To believe that that is the final day.
Live life to the fullest
A day at a time, with no knowledge
Of when it will truly be our last.

Forever Your’s,


Silence, never broken,
Mock, mimic, and mime,
With feelings deeper than others
But no voice to scream it.
Just do as others do,
And hope your tears don’t show.
For you, as a human
Cannot take it anymore.
Crossed your limits, beyond depressed,
You still keep the silence.
From mocking to mimic to cry.
All you may do is wait.
Wait for the one miracle to set you free,
From the invisible cage which binds you.
Your voice and speech, returned
You are set free, to be who you wish to.
Not to copy anyone anymore.

Forever Your’s,

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The Arrow of Light,
Strung from the Bow of Hope,
Illuminating all that is Dark,
Through the hearts of the wicked,
The minds of the soulless,
The world becomes bright.
A trickle of hope, as the Arrow flies,
Turns into a stream, for all those who need.
Soaring through the air, with no resistance,
It brings peace to the land of Chaos.
A story to be told, just like any other,
For the Arrow too, did not last,
As darkness eternally wins.
With the coming of a new day,
A power of peace to be reborn,
For none can live, without the brightest of light.

Forever Your’s,

Point of Life

What is the point of life?
One may ask,
While another gives his answer.
Live to be happy.
What is the point of happiness?
Asked again,
To which, deep thoughts started.
Scary thoughts, through depths never seen,
For happiness isn’t usually questioned.
The feeling of positive emotions,
Joy stands on top.
While we all enjoy it, why do we?
To go after happiness, to crave and seek it,
To know where it truly resides,
But never truly be able to acquire it.
Joy, positivity and more.
So what is the true purpose of life?

Forever Your’s

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At the points of time in which we feel our lowest, some wallow in their sorrow, while others wish for joy and to be happy.
Joy is the state of mind which feels GOOD, so I like to assume that we all prefer the latter.
To make it simple, joy is a state of mind. Choose to alter your thoughts.

Take a random piece of paper or something to write with and start listing out all of the things that make you happy. Put yourself in the position where you can imagine it enough to be happy.
A picture of a cat’s fluffy paws
Swimming and soaring through the water, like a jet.
Adorable puppies tackling and cuddling you.
Fill yourself with the thoughts, imagine and write in detail what you see and feel.
Turn on a bit of upbeat music and feel the positivity fill your mind!
Cat paws.jpg

If you worry about something, keep telling yourself the best scenario that can play out or happen! Assuming the best always.
Write every single detail down, convince yourself the best and only the best will happen.

Simple, quick and quiet mind reorientation, which you will reap many benefits from. You need not even write if you can at least relax and focus your mind and imagine good things.
Your mind is all you are equipped with, why not give it the joy it deserves?


I’m the dark of the night
Not a soul to stir
All alone, within,
The deepest parts of your mind
You feel, you think.
Lonely, no warmth in your heart,
No love in your life or reason to be,
Your secrets creep out
Thinking about your worst, your best,
Your mind doesn’t sleep
Hour after hour, you cannot rest,
Until your head has nothing left.
Loneliness, running like blood in your veins
You sit, crying.
Crying your eyes out,
wondering what went wrong.
The bright days, filled with laughter
The joy seen in others faces
Because of the jokes you had cracked.
All gone, how time changed things,
Until you decide,
To start living again.
Go out, find friends, see and feel joy
and live the life you were meant to lead.
Never give in, never give up.
The good will always prevail.

Forever Yours,

Picture Credit: Google Images