Eternity is the result of going Beyond Infinity.
It is the promise of happiness through the clutches of time.



For all you do and are
Shouldn’t you be treated right?
The bitterness in your heart
Just why don’t things happen?
You see all others
Grow and glow to their shine
While you are stuck
Brooding and with envy
Of what you wish you had.
A life full of joy?
Love surrounding and laughter around?
You ask what those mean
With resentment in your mind
Your dark soul pushing the good away
Will you ever get anything good?
Relax, be calm
Your time will come
Drop the bad thoughts
And the more you focus
See what you have with you
Now and forever
Being grateful
Filling your life with joy and laughter
Your life will unfold before you
Showing you
That you were always worth it.

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap


Speed, a race against time
Rushing past, forward towards
The distant closing finish line.
Yet what you don’t understand,
Is that line is one
Which you do not want to cross.
The path, the Gateway
To the next world, next life.
Somewhere you do not wish to be.
The speed, fast paced rush in life
Exciting and thrilling as it may be
The best you can do
Is slow down and enjoy.
Relax your racing heart
Calm your on edge mind
Breath in the fresh air
Find your happiness in the slow.
Walk your way to the inevitable,
The finish line will go nowhere
So there will never be a reason to rush.

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap


Energy so small,
Miniscule and powerful
Unappreciated by our limited vision,
It sets into motion
A chain of wonderful events.
The tiny particle
Resonating with your frequency
Can see through your heart
Utmost feelings and desires.
The complex chain of events
Like dominos falling
One after another to another
These small energy
Guide and heal your life.
Vibrating to the sound of your heart
What you feel is what they bring
They are the Quantums of your Heart.

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap


These soft hardened eyes you see here

They have been through countless battles

War after war 

They have aged. 

Time has taken them in its embrace 

For all you see when you look in them 

Are bittersweet memories of the good times 

And all the hardships which have given wisdom 

But through all this 

What you will love the most 

As each tear falls from them 

Is the courage they hold. 

To forth and beyond 

All the pain they have seen 

To grow and humble 

With the immense bravery they have found.

– Shankarsai Kashyap