Confidence, that thing which courses through your veins.
Have a desire, the urge to accomplish will follow
Nothing wrong with being confident
Give it to some, and it will boil their blood
Being rushed with adrenaline, many will follow
A heart’s desire to complete
A fateful encounter, you will meet.
A small amount of confidence can bring one
To his destiny or his doom.
Be it his future to do great things
For great can be both good or evil.
The demise from a lack of supply
The confidence of the mind.
Take a seat and you will find
There is more to life than you just know.
The key to happiness lies with confidence.
You may even say
If you face destruction with a smile
It may run in fear of being a trap.
Be confident and happy
It all starts with a single smile
That smile will bring all you want to you
And your destiny awaits.

Forever Yours.

Photo Credits: Google Images



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