As the cold wind howled in the middle of the night on the outskirts of the bright city lights, a man stood. Clad in all black, from his hat, trench coat, to his shoes, he waited. A few minutes later, it began.

The cold wind picked up, a soft pitter patter of rain transformed into a heavy torrential thunderstorm. The powerful droplets, hitting everything, plummeted from the sky.

The man smiled, slowly removing his hat, turning it over. The black hat, filled with tiny beads, all black, was not even getting wet from the rain. Filling his pockets with them, the man slowly started walking. One bead at a time, fell from his coat with every step he took.

Reaching the other side of the city, pockets empty, the man took his hat off again, softly pressing it against his heart as he looked to the clearing night sky. The stars sparkled and gave a twinkle to his jet black eyes.

Exhaling, he closed them.
Morning followed, and helicopters were encircling the city, or where it used to be. Leveled. The whole city in rubble. It looked as if it was demolished by a nuclear missile. An official, stepping from the helicopter, stopped at the one odd patch at the end of the city. Under a black hat in the middle of the block of grass, were tiny black beads which resembled pebbles…


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