With the world all black and your soul all white
Take a deep breath to retain your serenity
The colors gone, ideas afoot,
To change the world is your destiny.

You ponder and wonder at the great demise
How stupid the people of the Earth should be
A beautiful globe, of green and blue
Industrialized to none but grey.

Forget what has happened and look deep within
For you still have the spark to love.
Take out your pen and start jotting down
Notes and notes you will crumple.

Serene is your heart, your beautiful soul burns bright
You do not give up, though a mountain before you
Take steps one by one, correcting what was once wrong
You become the supreme.

Though you are power, the world at your feet,
You humbly deny it, giving it back to the ground.
Let Mother Earth have her peace at last,
For we are there to protect her.

Forever Yours.

Photo Credits: Google Images


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