A scorching hot barren deserted land, desolate and abandoned after every single resource was blindly extracted from it, unknowingly of the consequences, was all the man saw.

The man, simple and plain, dressed in all white from a white hat to white shoes, smiled. His work was cut out for him at the very least.

It was early in the morning, not a soul to be seen, he started. Taking white seeds out of his hat, digging out a bit of the earth and planting it. It was tedious and hard labor which he did, moving forward. Hours and hours of time went by, as the man worked as fast as he could, keeping his pace up.

By the time night had befallen him, he was almost done. One more seed, planting it, he looked to the sky, grinning brightly! His work, was finally done.

He kept on walking.

Morning followed, and the barren land was gone. The seeds planted, flourished into massive healthy plants, fertile and strong. The once dry land, now had its own river too, gushing and watering the plants. A huge floral meadow, grasslands, and a bright thick jungle already occupied by a diverse variety of animals had taken the place of rubble.

Sitting by the river, on a small stone, was a white hat. Filled with white seeds…


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