I’m the dark of the night
Not a soul to stir
All alone, within,
The deepest parts of your mind
You feel, you think.
Lonely, no warmth in your heart,
No love in your life or reason to be,
Your secrets creep out
Thinking about your worst, your best,
Your mind doesn’t sleep
Hour after hour, you cannot rest,
Until your head has nothing left.
Loneliness, running like blood in your veins
You sit, crying.
Crying your eyes out,
wondering what went wrong.
The bright days, filled with laughter
The joy seen in others faces
Because of the jokes you had cracked.
All gone, how time changed things,
Until you decide,
To start living again.
Go out, find friends, see and feel joy
and live the life you were meant to lead.
Never give in, never give up.
The good will always prevail.

Forever Yours,

Picture Credit: Google Images


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