At the points of time in which we feel our lowest, some wallow in their sorrow, while others wish for joy and to be happy.
Joy is the state of mind which feels GOOD, so I like to assume that we all prefer the latter.
To make it simple, joy is a state of mind. Choose to alter your thoughts.

Take a random piece of paper or something to write with and start listing out all of the things that make you happy. Put yourself in the position where you can imagine it enough to be happy.
A picture of a cat’s fluffy paws
Swimming and soaring through the water, like a jet.
Adorable puppies tackling and cuddling you.
Fill yourself with the thoughts, imagine and write in detail what you see and feel.
Turn on a bit of upbeat music and feel the positivity fill your mind!
Cat paws.jpg

If you worry about something, keep telling yourself the best scenario that can play out or happen! Assuming the best always.
Write every single detail down, convince yourself the best and only the best will happen.

Simple, quick and quiet mind reorientation, which you will reap many benefits from. You need not even write if you can at least relax and focus your mind and imagine good things.
Your mind is all you are equipped with, why not give it the joy it deserves?


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