At the points of time in which we feel our lowest, some wallow in their sorrow, while others wish for joy and to be happy.
Joy is the state of mind which feels GOOD, so I like to assume that we all prefer the latter.
To make it simple, joy is a state of mind. Choose to alter your thoughts.

Take a random piece of paper or something to write with and start listing out all of the things that make you happy. Put yourself in the position where you can imagine it enough to be happy.
A picture of a cat’s fluffy paws
Swimming and soaring through the water, like a jet.
Adorable puppies tackling and cuddling you.
Fill yourself with the thoughts, imagine and write in detail what you see and feel.
Turn on a bit of upbeat music and feel the positivity fill your mind!
Cat paws.jpg

If you worry about something, keep telling yourself the best scenario that can play out or happen! Assuming the best always.
Write every single detail down, convince yourself the best and only the best will happen.

Simple, quick and quiet mind reorientation, which you will reap many benefits from. You need not even write if you can at least relax and focus your mind and imagine good things.
Your mind is all you are equipped with, why not give it the joy it deserves?



I truly believe with all my heart, that words are power.

With each word, it gives a different meaning. It creates a sort of energy, which causes all sorts of emotions to build!
If you speak words like Success, Pride, Love, Wealth, Passion, as a singularity, every time it’s said with its correct emotion, it feels like a spine tingling sensation!
It BUILDS that feeling of power within you as well!
If you hear words negative, like Depression, Rage, Death, you feel the bad emotions well up within you just a bit!

The precise power of each word, depends upon its sentence, and the word used too.
Giant, Huge, Humongous, Gigantic, Enormous, Sizable, Big, Titanic
Each word feels different doesn’t it?

Well, apart from just the words, the way it is said also matters!
Each emotion welled up within, when speaking a word, you must be careful to choose the right one! Your brain is huge dictionary with a vast vocabulary, so every word you know, you probably have knowledge of others with the same meaning!
If you say things while angry or sad, it makes a difference while saying it happy or joyous!
So if you care for the one you are having a conversation with, then please choose your right words, and think before you speak!

Words have powers. Each time I repeat this, it feels like I am advocating that we are ALL Dragonborn! Skyrim had it correct with that fact!

All I am trying to say is,
Be mindful of what you speak, and always think twice before you utter something.
Words can be your life saver, or destroyer! And they can be your power, or your lack of power too!


All we have in our world is time. We do not even have the knowledge of when that too will end for us.
We have time for joy, time for laughter and friends, time to create sweet memories with our family, we have all the time in our world.
Yet with all this time, why do we choose to not use it to the best of our abilities?
We whine and crib of the past while each second disappears.
We look to the future with hope, yet do nothing now to make it that way.
Worries and sorrow take up more and more time each day as we age. Why? Just why do we do this to ourselves?
Should we not dream to entitle ourselves to the luxury of each and every minute which passes?
Should we not live in the moment and do what we know is right and proper?
Time is all we have in our world, but the most dangerous part is its absence. We do not know when it ends for us. A split second can decide one’s fate.
Being safe, to enjoy each God given moment of ours as we grow out of our old boots of worries into the new sneakers of bliss.
Stop worrying about the future and the past is gone, so why think about it?!
LIVE in the moment, be crazy and learn to enjoy life!
Why were we born if not to make the most out of the time given, in the life we have been bestowed with?

Picture Credits: Tejasvi Kashyap