Eternity is the result of going Beyond Infinity.
It is the promise of happiness through the clutches of time.



These soft hardened eyes you see here

They have been through countless battles

War after war 

They have aged. 

Time has taken them in its embrace 

For all you see when you look in them 

Are bittersweet memories of the good times 

And all the hardships which have given wisdom 

But through all this 

What you will love the most 

As each tear falls from them 

Is the courage they hold. 

To forth and beyond 

All the pain they have seen 

To grow and humble 

With the immense bravery they have found.

– Shankarsai Kashyap


Dripping slowly
The seeping red liquid
Oozes out of your wound
A bullet to the heart
You stare up and wonder
Why this had to happen.
A peaceful life, all yours and true
Ruined, slowly and deeply
By the insanity of love.
As you think of the good times
The joy, the peace, the happiness
Your life slowly slips away
Darker and darker you feel.
The touch of cold, welling up
Losing sensation bit by bit
As the hot blood escapes
The only pain you feel
Is the one of betrayal.
How you had given all you had
Lost your life and interests
For someone with another agenda.
You dream of the good,
The great many things you have done
As one soul in the world
Who has given much more.
With all the pain
You find it in your bleeding shot heart
To forgive the one who put you here.
To leave this life, with no regrets
Or rage or hatred
For in the end, the blood you see
Is just another lesson
That others have their own lives too. 

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap


The beauty of the soul
For we all are not one
Defined beings
With cosmic entities
Each with their own speciality
Amazing people indeed.
The precision of the soul
For every choice defines us
Moulds, creates, shapes
Every joy or pain we go through.
The simplicity of the soul
For it does not need anything
From love, to life to objects
It asks for nothing at all.
A free spirit with no needs.
The power of the soul
It can destroy create or reap
The benefits and truth of life
To build and deconstruct
The mightiest of truths
For it is unlimited.
The love of the soul
Is tremendous, magnificently enormous
Which has some to share with all
For the soul is the soul
No conflict or disinterest.
Rage or hate all absent
For all it has is love.

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap


When the Devil does good
And God burns the world
When Hell out pours with the souls of the damned
When the purest of hearts dilute
And the darkest of souls save lives
The world shall know the true meaning of life
To live yet not to feel alive
To die with the most outrageous pain
The confinements of the mind will shatter
Be free and set forth
Dwell to the deepest of levels
To live is to enjoy.
Create a Legacy, go down in History
The daylight gives a will for life
The moonlight gives a will for dreams
So imagine,
The peace of the universe upon you
To save or destroy and to live or die
It is up to you.

Forever Yours,
Shankarsai Kashyap