No strings attached Be free, let yourself go
For love was a dangerous curse
Which has now been broken.
The strings and vows
That had once bound you
Dissolved with each tear shed.
For both of you
Like no other
We’re meant to be together.
Promises, hopes and dreams
All shattered in a single blow
A single snip of the string
As it was never meant to be shared.
Loyalty, to one and only one,
That is what your string meant.
With this gone, distrust, disrespect
Crept in between.
But in the end of the day
You stand their holding
Your side of love
The string, which you wish
Could still be bound together.

Forever Yours,



Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter
Down falls the rain
Roaring thunder and flashes of lightning
The storm starts to brew.
While the weather rages
The time to introspect appears
For the beauty outside
Must match within.
To see yourself as the rain
Peaceful, but with potential
To either destroy and raze
Or to give life and hope to all
For all those who experience or will
The true success of your life.

Forever Yours,


In the silence of the night
Not a chirp to be heard
The dead of the dark
You are all alone
Lost in your thoughts
Craving for an escape
From your wretched mind
Black images fill your head
With each and every minute
Which passes by quietly
In the deep slumber of time.
Immobilized by fear
You have the greatest epiphany
The devil lurks in you.
Two sides of a coin
We are both good and bad
And only time will tell
When you will be released.
The good in you, an absolute power
But the dark in you, even greater
A realization while the world rests
You can use time.
Play around and fiddle
Bend it to your will and wish
Till you acquire who you want to be
For the very near future.
With the rise of the morning sun
And the set of the moondrip
Your ideas come to life
As the good within you will flourish.

Forever Yours,


Breathe in the air 

And learn to relax. 

Calm your mind, your body and soul, 

And let the peace fill your heart. 

Release your thoughts, 

Live in the present. 

For the past only brings pain

And the future only worry. 

Calm, feel the serenity around, 

The blissful pure radiant energy 

Overwhelming and intoxicating you,

As it spreads like a drug through your body. 

Inner peace, something within only you, 

A source of energy, ultimate and infinite

You will be set free. 

Take a deep breath, and it’s the first step

Soothe your aching muscles, especially your heart, 

And accept your gift, of being you. 


The greatest gift for man,
To follow your gut feeling,
Your intuition.
The pang in your heart,
when you know something is wrong
The punch in your stomach,
Feeling something is off,
The simplest thing to do
Solve what goes wrong
And act upon it.
When your mind feels,
Your life leads you back to the path.
The true route to your own success.
Self perfection, where you feel your worth.
It will never fail, never falter.
Trust within it, for it is you,
And all that will happen is good.

Forever Your’s,