Black thoughts cloud your mind,
You are in despair.
Powerless against what happens,
Thinking only of the worst
With no hope for the best.
Fatigued, lost to this world
All you can think about
Is giving up.
To give in to your worst nightmares,
Live within what is killing you,
All while despair consumes you.

Forever Yours,

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A world like no other,
Paradise is before you.
The infernal rage in life
Gone and replaced,
By the calm of the deep blue sea.
The world, grew stronger.
From chaos came a new start
For paradise to surface.
Palm trees, blue skies,
Bonfires and fluffed up beds,
You live with joy.
With the break of day
You awaken.
To realize it was just a dream.

Forever Yours,


Fear, consuming you.
Wave after wave,
You cannot move.
Paralyzed, lost in your own mind,
Fear burns within you.
Choking up, the fire in your throat,
Life flashes before you.
Heart beating as fast as light,
You cannot move, nor think, nor speak.
As your fear controls you,
Compels you to be more afraid,
Choose to stand up.
Force it into submission and you will win.
The battles rage on in your mind.
To fear, is to fight with all your power,
Till you have nothing left to fight.
All you accept now, is joy.

Forever Yours,


A representation of choices
Buttons control our world.
The green one, to start something good,
Or the red, to do the opposite.
Yet, in life,
Sometimes, thrown at you,
Are two red or two green buttons.
So which is the brighter?
The lesser of two evils?
The greater of two goods?
Choices all around, think twice before you choose,
For your life may as well depend on it!

Forever Yours,

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I truly believe with all my heart, that words are power.

With each word, it gives a different meaning. It creates a sort of energy, which causes all sorts of emotions to build!
If you speak words like Success, Pride, Love, Wealth, Passion, as a singularity, every time it’s said with its correct emotion, it feels like a spine tingling sensation!
It BUILDS that feeling of power within you as well!
If you hear words negative, like Depression, Rage, Death, you feel the bad emotions well up within you just a bit!

The precise power of each word, depends upon its sentence, and the word used too.
Giant, Huge, Humongous, Gigantic, Enormous, Sizable, Big, Titanic
Each word feels different doesn’t it?

Well, apart from just the words, the way it is said also matters!
Each emotion welled up within, when speaking a word, you must be careful to choose the right one! Your brain is huge dictionary with a vast vocabulary, so every word you know, you probably have knowledge of others with the same meaning!
If you say things while angry or sad, it makes a difference while saying it happy or joyous!
So if you care for the one you are having a conversation with, then please choose your right words, and think before you speak!

Words have powers. Each time I repeat this, it feels like I am advocating that we are ALL Dragonborn! Skyrim had it correct with that fact!

All I am trying to say is,
Be mindful of what you speak, and always think twice before you utter something.
Words can be your life saver, or destroyer! And they can be your power, or your lack of power too!


Within each of us
Is a deep slumbering power
A beast of courage and will
Acquired with time.

Born into us is the spark of desire
The need to be better.
The monster in us
Awakened by plights.

Let loose your vengeful fury
Empty your hollow emotions.
Upon the platter of eternity
Your plaque will rise in insanity.

The hungry beast inside us all
Let it feed on the passion for work
Consumed by the thrill
Exhilarating each breath.

The power within you
Not evil or good
But channeled through you
It is just the source of pure energy.

Forever Yours,

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When your head is clear
And your heart feels betrayed
The thoughts come swift
Action will lead the way.

Wake up to see a sunrise
But instead get the dreaded sky
You know that the world
Cannot change for just you

Betrayed and more
Taken for granted and looked over
Used and abused
You can’t take anymore.

Your head is clear,
Thoughts are precise
You know what to act
So just do it now.

Get rid of the negatives
Forget all that was, and will be
See to it, that your world
Is made by you.

Forever Yours,


Think big,
The thoughts we see, our only true freedom,
Shape our complete reality.
All emotions be thoughts
They come under our control
We have the ability.
Create landscapes and scenarios
Within our own head they appear
Lost in the dreams of our destiny.
Reality, an image of our thoughts,
We can live in our world
An escape to prosperity.
Have the thought of money
Be rich and hold success
One step from our mind
To just think
And we may acquire it all.

Forever Yours,